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     Our last post was about music and what we are listening to, this time around I thought we’d have a little “food for thought” and talk about what we are reading in the book isle, on the blogs and listening to on podcast.

     I drive 100 miles a day round trip, so I have the great pleasure of being able to spend an hour and a half each day listening to some great podcast. My new favorite is Food is the New Rock.  Basically a couple of LA media guys who interview bands about food and chefs about music. Some notable guest to date have included Henry Rollins, Minus the Bear, Susan Feniger and David Chang. And speaking of David Chang, if you have not read Lucky Peach, his quarterly food magazine, get a copy NOW! It is irreverent, funny, edgy and all about food and restaurant culture in America today. A must read for any foodie.

    At Station 22 we love Americana and Americana Music. Imagine my surprise when I found a cookbook by an musician, author, cook and restauranteur! Ruby’s Juke Joint Americana Cookbook is all things love to me! Rockin’ Americana music (a CD of Ruby’s Band, Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers, is included), Great Classic American Recipes and a dose of American food history. Don’t be too surprised if you don’t find some of this inspiration in our restaurant soon.

    Part of the great fun of being a chef is digging into a cookbook, not just for recipes but for inspiration, nostalgia or just to kill some time when your feet are aching from hours on end cooking. Given that Station 22 Cafe is all about digging deep into our culinary roots, I tend to favor old cookbooks and my partner Richard just turned me on to a great vegetarian cookbook: “An Apple a Day”-Vegetarian Cookery Doctors’ Wives. The recipes in this book tend to be simple, hearty, healthy and deep rooted in American Culinary History. If you happen to dig into this book, you will notice a lot of “add a can of this, a box of that…” my suggestion is to use this book for some inspiration and then make the recipes from scratch. Also beware, this book is not for the gluten intolerant. You will find recipes for veggie burgers and gluten steaks that call for A LOT of high gluten wheat flour. The desert and salad recipes are definitely safe bets and there are many vegan recipes as well.

     Being a huge fan of Top Chef and a lover of southern food, I had to check out a little of Mr. Unibrow himself, Hugh Acheson. Hugh has taken southern food to new levels and put a light touch on southern classics. His latest cookbook, A New Turn of the South gives some new perspectives on southern food and will change and misconceptions you have about Chefs in the Deep South!

     Hope you have fun reading, listening and eating. Read our blog, get in the kitchen and go out to eat. Live, love and be happy!


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