What in the heck is Beefalo?

We have a really exciting development to share with you! We are now using 100% local & sustainably grown beefalo for all of our recipes involving beef.

Beefalo is a cross between domestic cattle and the North American Bison. A full blood Beefalo does not contain less than 3/8 Bison. While it is as tender and tasty as beef, Beefalo offers many benefits for the health-conscious consumer. Beefalo produces a meat that contains less fat and cholesterol than any bovine bred in the U.S. The exceptional quality of the Beefalo meat has been recognized by the USDA.

Cholesterol cannot be significantly reduced by just lowering the fat in meat. Cholesterol is in the meat, not just the fat. Although Beefalo is up to 4 times leaner than beef and also has 1/2 the fat inside the cells as beef, the real cholesterol lowering aspect of this wonderful meat is that it is crossed with bison. Bison is very low in cholesterol, but when crossed with a beef animal, drops to nearly 1/2 of that of bison, according the the USDA. The University of Utah showed that Bison meat did not raise LDL in people, whereas beef did. That is impressive, but Beefalo also has a study done at Central Washington University that showed that it actually lowered LDL in high cholesterol men by 15 points in just 30 days.

Our Beefalo comes from Doug Reid of Reid’s Beefalo located right here in Utah. Doug himself raised every one of the cattle and can personally guarantee the quality of every pound of meat he sells. All his cattle were grass-fed and raised in ideal conditions. If you have any questions or would like to purchase some meat for your own home use, check out http://www.utahbeefalo.com/.

Thanks Doug, for doing the right thing and making this delicious & healthy meat available to all of us!

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