Our Roots

At Station 22, we dig way down deep into our American roots to bring you fresh, reinvented versions of family recipes, classic dishes and some new flavors you never imagined.

We love the concept and flavors of “vernacular cuisine”– foods that are rooted in specific regions and family traditions. Who doesn’t? These are the flavors of Grandma’s house, potlucks, family gatherings and small, family-run restaurants. I absolutely love to eat. But most importantly I love to eat foods that I connect with–foods that hearken back to warm times with family and friends. Times beyond us, that extend all the way back through our grandparents and beyond, from our now tiny branches down into our deepest roots.

When I relocated from Napa Valley, California to Provo to manage Provo Town Square, I hoped it might provide an opportunity to get a new perspective on America and the West. Little did I realize that this perspective would be most clearly gained by opening a restaurant: Station 22. Napa Valley is most famous of course for its wine and almost as much for its food. For many years now, its restaurants and wines have put Napa Valley among the leaders in American culinary arts and is one of the most notable food destinations in the world. Napa has food, wine and the leisure lifestyle down to a science. So fine, so polished and so prevalent that, in fact, it can be frustrating and alienating if you’re not among the ruling class. Utah, on the other hand, is raw, beautiful in landscape and history. It is truly the “West” and there is something about it that touches me deeply and feels so very familiar. The wild landscape is more suitable for adventure than for luxury and finery.

Between these two worlds are where our interests lie. The precision of complex flavor combinations and beautiful presentation we take from our fine dining backgrounds; the heart-warming flavors and welcoming atmosphere we draw from our roots. We use our skills and experience in fine dining to elevate and highlight those dishes and flavors that have been loved by so many for so long.

Station 22 grew organically to become what it is today. Rather than bringing in an outside concept, the historic downtown brought this concept to us. We have tried to tailor this restaurant to the needs and wants of the community by listening closely to comments and critique. We adjust constantly and strive to improve our business every day. We hope it shows!

Welcome friends!


Richard Gregory, Owner