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Now, I don’t want to overstate my case, but I pretty much owe all that is Station 22 to one man and a sweet, sweet voice: Justin Townes Earle.

I know. It’s probably not lost on you that he’s kind of a goofy-looking dude. But, that’s kind of the point. Justin Townes Earle sings about the sweetest and most beautiful music you’re ever likely to hear and I was lucky enough to hear him perform at the State Room in SLC.
Before I wax too poetically about JTE, I must briefly deviate to tell you that I love the State Room with a deep and abiding passion. If you love quality music in a quality venue, go here for any show and you’ll love it. My other favorite venue in the world is Red Butte Gardens and I just found out that there’s a connection between them. Huge kudos to these guys for doing all this!
I discovered Justin Townes Earle at a time when I hated country music. I hated country music pretty much all my life and I hated it because it sucked. At least, what I was hearing sucked. It was all that poppy young country stuff that all sounded like slide guitar & reverb. I’m not going to name names, because that would probably piss somebody off, but you know who I’m talking about.
Come to find out, as my mind expanded and I grew up, there was a whole undercurrent of amazing roots country with a dizzying array of young and old country stars. Waiting, just out of reach of my Bay Area radio stations. How could I have known?  There was no streaming radio, no Spotify! It wasn’t my fault! Such shame I feel now for making fun of country music. Well, a little anyway. 
I was investigating some of the more subtle sub-genres of indie rock one day and searching for a band to book for an event, when I stumbled across this guy through a booking agency website.  (It’s a great way to find new artists, actually. Just find out who their agent is and check out the other bands they rep. ) One good listen to this guy and my brain exploded with the possibilities of what roots music could sound like.
Justin Townes Earle kickstarted my journey of discovery into Americana and its various forms. He beautifully borrows from early blues, boogie woogie, Nashville country, and more. He has the look and feel of somebody who was born to make music and, boy, does he ever!  
Give him a solid listen and I promise you’ll thank me for it. Better yet, grab a loved one or a grandparent and play it for them too!

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